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9" Full Spool Suit 35 Spline, 3.250" Bore Case
Strange Engineering was founded on supplying the racer what he/she demands. These spools are of the same quality that you have grown to expect from Strange since 1960. Standard Series steel spools share the same material characteristics as Lightweight Pro Race Spools- without lightening holes. Standard Series steel spools are an affordable and dependable option when weight is not a primary concern.
Standard Series aluminium spools are machined from 7075 forged aluminium. The mass production" of this spool allows Strange to manufacture a quality aluminium spool at an advantageous price. Aluminium spools are ideal for oval track applications where weight is crucial. As with all Strange spools, Standard Series spools are designed to be an easy change over from OEM type units. The internal splines are left in the stock location, allowing for the use of existing stock axles. Since the release of the Standard Series spools, their popularity has become unmatched and in most cases are even lighter than our competition's lightweight spools.

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Product Specification

  • TitleSTRANGE 9" FULL SPOOL 35 Spline REQ 3.25" CASE
  • SKUSTD1518
  • BrandStrange Engineering
  • HSNSTD1518
  • Weigh5.000 kg

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