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Car brakes & steering are an essential part of the vehicle. Before driving your car, you should make sure that both your steering and brakes are in good condition.

Why Car Brakes are a must?

Without having proper working brakes, you won’t be able to stop a moving car. A brake is a mechanical device that prevents the motion by absorbing the energy. The primary role of Brake is to stop or slow down a moving vehicle.

At Speed Pro, you can find all the necessary components for Car Brakes.

Master Cylinder: Which pumps the brake fluid from the reservoir via brake lines to activate the piston.

Brake Reservoir & Lines: Brake Reservoir, which consists the system Hydraulic brake fluid and the metal tubing brake lines which used to carry the brake fluid from the master cylinder to other brake system components.

Brake Calliper & Piston: Brake calliper fixed on the brake rotor consists of brake pads and piston. In which, the piston is a round rod which helps to push the brake pad against the rotor by which the hydraulic fluid can feed on the master cylinder.

Brake pads & rotors: Brake pad is a semi-metallic plate that holds the steel rod. Brake Rotors, a steel disc attached to the pads which stop the wheel from rotating.

Why Car Steering are a must?

Steering is a must component to drive the car and to provide driver highly confident ride. The car steering should work accurately and respond according to your moves, but if it’s not working as per your direction you are pointing to, then you should drive straightaway for car check and fetch the requisite part & replace it with a working one.

You can also find all the essential & necessary components of Steering:

Rack and Pinion are two major elements for controlling the steering. They are mounted on the front-end and attached to the front wheels through tie rods and the steering wheel through a column. Both together are known as steering racks.

Rack: A metal bar flattened on one side with teeth machined on a surface and connecting inner tie rods at each end.

Pinion: Pinion contains teeth machine and found on the end of steering column.

Why Speed Pro for car brakes and steering and other parts?

You can also grab the other main components like Housing, Inner tie rods and tie rod ends only at Speed Pro.

Speedpro will provide you all the essential elements to make your car live longer and also help in removing all the general issues like leaked brake fluids, brake fail, shaken/vibration of steering while driving, the warped motor and the falling struts and make your car a rocket to run on roads.