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Have you ever observed a check gauge light on the speedometer?

If yes, then your vehicle is suffering from malfunction, and it needs to be repaired or inspected soon. A check gauge lights mainly indicate a loose fuel cap, low engine oil, an overheated engine temperature or a breakdown in the engine or electrical system.

There are various types of lights for each malfunction indicating different issues of a vehicle. Like, a simple or direct light can indicate the temperature of a vehicle or the oil pressure. For a car owner, it is tough to check and resolve the issues of car gauges. All, they want a professional advice who can fix their problems for car gauges and the accessories related to it.

Why Speed Pro for Car Gauges?

At Speed Pro, you can get free advice from the experts on various types of car gauges like temperature gauge which followed by a tachometer, voltmeter and oil pressure gauge. And, also purchase a new car gauge depending on the model of vehicle and can modify the previous car gauges with the new RPM and Pressure Gauge.
The two major car gauges found on car dashboard are the speedometer and the fuel gauge.

A cable drives speedometer which rotates inside a flexible tube. The cable is connected on one side to the speedometer and on the other end to the speedometer gear inside the transmission. But, the modern vehicle has eliminated this cable and started using an electronic sensor to measure the wheel speed.

Fuel Gauge:
Mostly breakdown of a vehicle occurs in the fuel gauge or in the sensor which indicates the problem in emission system. The costlier problem happens when the car gauge lights start triggering which shows that the oil pressure or temperature component are not working properly. All the gauges are having a metal tube connected to the vehicle parts which ensures that the vehicle is running correctly.

We provide you all the essential and latest accessories and car gauges for your vehicle, so give us a call or fill a form we will get back to you.