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Car Cooling System

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The car cooling system is the combination of system parts and fluid which work together to control the engine's operating temperature for optimal performance.
The primary job of a car cooling system is to keep an engine away from overheating by transferring the heat to the air. The engine in the vehicle runs fast at a high temperature, but when the engine is cold, components wear out quickly which causes the engine to become less efficient and in turn the motor emits pollutant.
The overall maintenance and performance of a car depend on the radiator. If radiator works well then, the vehicle run fast.

How Car Cooling System works?

Engine coolant is a circulating liquid which is required to keep the internal combustion of engine cool when heated. This coolant flows through the upper hose to the radiator where it ejects the heat. Then pump of water sends it back to the engine’s water jackets which continue the cooling process. The engine coolant can be of two types either water or oil.

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