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The # ED2925 is a high performance feature packed small-block racing manifold for standard port location 23-degree cylinder heads.
A taller profile with extra long runners that extend into the plenum offers increased volume.
The cross-sectional area of the runners are tuned to complement the runner length creating substantial torque increases at 4500-5500 rpm.
The # ED2925 also has many features that will be appreciated by the serious engine builder, including:
Slotted flange bolt holes to allow mating on decked blocks or milled heads.
Rear water outlets allow custom cooling system routing.
The flange above the intake ports is machined flat to provide a straight-line reference for port-matching layout.
A boss for a distributor clamp has been added on the left side, for easier to access when timing an engine.
Each runner has a nitrous boss to aid in fogger nozzle installation.
Made in USA

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  • SKUED2925
  • BrandEdelbrock
  • HSNED2925
  • Weigh20.000 kg

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