26x10.5 15LT STREET R DRAG

  • Category: Tyres
  • Brand: Mickey Thompson
  • Model: MT3551
  • Weight: 22.00 (KG)
  • Size Info:
  • Availability: In stock

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26x10.50-15LT ET STREET R DRAG
Proven R2 compound on radial sizes with M5 and X5 compounds on bias sizes to provide superior performance at the strip with little burnout required
Tubeless "Radial Pro" technology used in radial sizes to provide the ultimate traction
Tube type bias ply sizes available for the most consistent performance in manual transmission and Pro Street applications
Minimal tread void for the ultimate dry traction
13 popular 15 to 18 inch sizes (8 radial sizes and 5 bias-ply sizes)
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