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A carburetted fuel pump that allows you to step up your performance by maintaining optimal line pressure and delivering high volume. The Street/Strip Pump was engineered for 200-750 HP carburetted engines making this a perfect choice for a daily driver, street rod or demanding ET-bracket race car.
Features 3/8" NPT inlet and outlet ports
Perfect for use with either a Bypass Regulator (P/N 13301) or a Carburetted Adjustable Regulator (P/N 13201 or 13205)
Fuel flow exceeds 140 GPH at 13.5 volts
Pump provides 14 PSI fuel pressure - perfect for cars that leave hard
Pumping mechanism features proprietary composite rotor, stainless steel vanes and precision ground, heat treated steel plates
Ideal for dedicated nitrous delivery
Alcohol compatible
Low current draw (under 5 amps)

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Product Specification

  • SKUAER11203
  • BrandAeromotive
  • HSNAER11203
  • Weigh4.000 kg

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