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Aluminium 25 Gallon (95L) Fuel Cell with Cavity/Sump & Fuel Sender 
25-1/4" L x 24-3/8" W x 10-1/4" H (64cm x 62cm x 26cm)
High Grade Aluminium. 3.0mm thickness
Robot Welded. The fuel cell has been welded solely by a high level machine robot the quality of which can be seen by the clean corner welds.
Internally Baffled. To control fuel surge under hard acceleration and braking.
Fuel Pick-Up Point. As can be seen in the photo, The fuel OUT fittings are in a cavity at the base of the cell, which helps prevent fuel starvation at low fuel levels even under high G-force levels.
Fuel Inlet / Outlet Fittings. The fuel cell incorporates all -12 ORB female threads for use in all applications. 2 X pickups and 2 X returns or 1 X return and 1 X rollover. For a bolt in Roll-Over valve use Part AF614-08.
Flush Cap. Designed for fast cap removal with a flip up and twist action CNC billet polished alloy cap with a 1 way air valve in the cap.
Fuel Level Sender Unit. The resistance at empty is 0 ohms and the resistance at full is 90 ohms.
Mounting Brackets. The cell can be secured with the 4 sturdy mounting brackets. (Rubber mounts recommended for high flex chassis applications)

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  • SKUAF85-2250AS
  • BrandAeroflow
  • HSNAF85-2250AS
  • Weigh23.240 kg

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