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Widest high performance tyre for Hot Rods, T-Buckets and Muscle cars that have shortened rear ends and tubbed inner guards. The Sportsman Pro has a street tyre tread and a drag tyre compound for serious street and vintage car racers. Air them down for powerful wrinkle wall style launches. Bias Ply construction. (It is not recommended that Radial and non Radial tyres be mixed on the same vehicle)


Size: 26x10.50-15LT
Approx Weight: 23-lbs.
Suggested Tube: MT9553
Approved Rims: 7-10"
Measuring Rim: 8"
Section Width: 10.4"
Tread Width: 8.0"
Overall Diameter: 26.0"

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  • Title26 X 10.5-15 SPORTSMAN PRO RAC
  • SKUMT6542
  • BrandMickey Thompson
  • HSN
  • Weigh45.000 kg

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