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Performer RPM are dual-plane, high-rise intakes with 180° firing order to produce incredible top-end horsepower while retaining good throttle response. Their larger plenums and runners match the free-flowing exhaust, high-lift cams and other modifications of a high output engine. They are intended for high-performance street or competition engines that run up to 6500 rpm. They are not for emissions equipped engines. Edelbrock's Performer RPM gives you the ultimate in street high-performance.

  • Designed for Small Block Chevy V8s for maximum power and a broad torque curve for high-performance street/marine.
  • Provides power like a single-plane and throttle response like a dual-plane.
  • Has provisions to add oil fill tube.
  • No provisions for exhaust heated or stock-style choke.
  • Accepts late-model waterneck, air-conditioning, alternator and H.E.I. Will fit castiron Chevrolet Bowtie heads, but will not fit 1987 and later cast iron heads.
  • Will not fit under stock Corvette hood.
  • Made in USA

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