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Protorque Starter Motor - 1.9 HP
Chevy Staggered Mount 168 Tooth Flywheel, 5 adjustable positions
CVR Protorque Starters are suitable for tough street and race engines. They are a Nippondenso gear reduction type unit and feature a unique aluminium housing that helps to eliminate hot start problems and is adjustable for header and oil pan clearance.
Estimated Horsepower: 1.9 HP
Reduction Ratio: 4:1
Heavy duty 6004 bearing holds drive assembly for unlimited service and proper pinion alignment.
Full ball bearing construction, no bushings to wear out, reduces amperage draw, extends unit life.
Field coils are series wound for maximum strength (much stronger than permanent magnets).
Weight: 10 Lbs. (4.6kg)

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  • SKUCVR5323OS
  • BrandCVR
  • HSNCVR5323OS
  • Weigh3.000 kg

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