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This high-rise single plane intake is capable of supporting up to 600 hp.
The Victor Jr. LS1 accepts a square bore carburettor and includes an electronic timing module that picks up MAP, crank position, and cam position in order to drive the stock LS1 Coil-on-Plug ignition system.
The module offers a choice of several built-in timing curves, each tailored for engine displacement, cam profiles, and fuel grades.
The # ED29087 (manifold only) can be used on LS2 applications when matched with MSD6012 LS2 ignition controller.
Includes a throttle bracket designed to work with 700R-4, 200R-4 and Turbo 350 transmissions.
Made in USA

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  • SKUED29087
  • BrandEdelbrock
  • HSNED29087
  • Weigh20.000 kg

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